Answer the question referring to each photograph above the question.  The answers are at the end of the page.


 1. Identify the number of chomatids in this cell during this stage of mitosis

A) 46

B) 8

C) 184

D) 92

E) 2


2. Identify the structure indicated by the arrow:

A) Hemidesmosome

B) Zona Occludens

C) Junctional complex

D) Mitotic Cell

E) Terminal web


3. Identify the stage of cell division in this photograph.

A) Prophase of mitosis

B) Anaphase I of meiosis

C) Metaphase II of meiosis

D) Anaphase of mitosis


4. In this section through the testes, what is the C amount of DNA in the nucleus of the cell noted by the arrow?

A) 4C

B) 2C

C) 1C

D) 8C

E) 3C


5) In this section through the testes, what is the stage of cell division of the cell noted by the arrow:

A) Anaphase of Meiosis

B) Metaphase of Mitosis

C) Prophase of Mitosis

D) Metaphase of Meiosis

E) Prophase of Meiosis

6) Identify the process shown by the arrowhead

A) Gap junction formation

B) Cytokinesis

C) Desmosome formation

D) Spindle apparatus formation

E) Formation of the nuclear membrane


7. Identify the structures noted by the horizontal arrows:

A) Nuclear pore complex

B) Hemidesmosomes

C) Gap junctions

D) Zonula occludens


8. Identify the structures supporting and moving the chromosomes.

A) Actin filaments


C) Microtubules

D) Intermediate filaments

E) Cilia

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Answers: 1D, 2D, 3A, 4C, 5E, 6B, 7A, 8C

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