Touch and Position Sensory

Touch/pressure/vibration receptors in skin

Skin also includes important pain, touch and pressure receptors. A Meissner's Corpuscle, which is a touch receptor, is shown in the following figure.

nerve12.jpg (95396 bytes)

If touch is transmitted via these types of receptors, how is pain transmitted?

Another very large receptor looks like a sliced onion. It is called a Pacinian corpuscle. The following photo shows two Pacinian Corpuscles from slide 25.

nerve15.jpg (72912 bytes)

What is the function of the Pacinian Corpuscle?

Stretch receptors in skeletal muscle.

muscle11.jpg (56397 bytes)

Muscle spindles are receptors that actually contain muscle fibers enveloped in a connective tissue sheath. Nerve fibers are wrapped around the fibers to detect the degree of stretch on the muscle.  Find a muscle spindle in your slide of skeletal muscle. Identify the Intrafusal fibers.

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