Below are views of your esophagus slide.  Stratified squamous epithelium has layers of scale-like cells. What is the major function of this type of epithelium? The basal layers of cells are stained dense purple. The apical layers face the esophagus lumen and sometimes they are sloughing off.  Can you define the layers of  this epithelium?

esophagus1.jpg (147338 bytes)

esophagus2.jpg (158949 bytes)

Here is a higher magnification photo (not from your slide set) of esophagus epithelium.  It helps to define the cell layers, which are scale-shaped.

00004499.jpg (151767 bytes)

00004619.jpg (136314 bytes)

Another example of stratified squamous epithelium is found in the SKIN. Your slide (e.g. slide 25) shows thick skin epithelium well.  Below is a photo that is not from your slide set. The outer layers of cells have filled with keratin and are no longer nucleated.  Can you define the basal and apical layers of this epithelium?

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